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Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a time of year to spend time with family and friends. Unfortunately, it is also a time for increased insurance claims due to theft, safety hazards and much more.

In hopes of helping prevent you from being a victim of holiday troubles, we have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you through the season.


Holiday Decorating

The holidays are a beautiful time of year when everyone’s decorations fill the night with twinkling lights. Amongst the sparkle and shine, there are also safety hazards that could result in a home fire or trip to the hospital. We don’t wish this to happen to you so be safe this holiday season by following these few tips:

  • Test your lights before you use them to check for any shorts or broken bulbs and dispose of them properly
  • Use flame-resistant products such as wrapping paper, artificial trees and other decorations when possible
  • Keep candles away from children, flammable materials, and prevent places where they can get knocked over
  • Maintain your tree by trimming away dry pieces, keeping it watered and disposing of the tree properly at the end of the holiday season or when it becomes too dry
  • Use proper equipment when putting up decorations both inside and outside

Theft Prevention

The holiday season provides ample opportunity for thieves to take advantage of online shoppers, packages left on the doorstep and presents in the car. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent thieves from ruining your holiday cheer:

  • Leave your lights on to deter thieves by making them think someone is home
  • Protect your packages by scheduling deliveries when someone is home if possible
  • Keep your belongings hidden in your vehicle while you’re out shopping to prevent break-ins
  • Keep your presents hidden from view, away from windows that allow thieves to look in from the outside
  • Be aware of online threats and protect yourself by using familiar websites and strong passwords with your online shopping accounts

Toy Safety

When shopping for your little ones this holiday season, take the time to review any safety hazards or current recalls for any of the toys on your list. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 120,000 children are treated in hospitals due to toy-related injuries each year. By doing research before you shop, you can avoid most safety risks.

Cooking Safety

The holidays bring families together to enjoy each other’s company and of course enjoy home cooked meals. Unfortunately, the holidays also bring an increased risk for a home fire from cooking. Take these precautionary measures to avoid potential risks:

  • Stay in the kitchen while you are frying, grilling or broiling food
  • Turn off stove or oven if you ever need to leave the kitchen, even for just a little bit
  • Use a timer to remind you when food is done, for example when boiling or baking


If you plan to travel this holiday season, like many others, be sure to plan ahead and prevent any unnecessary surprises:

  • Be weather aware if you plan to drive, fly or even just go outside; allowing you to pack and dress accordingly as well as travel safely
  • Maintain your vehicle by going through your winter checklist to keep it in good working order and get you safely to your destination
  • Be alert when driving especially with the increased number of people on the road whether for shopping or travel; prevent distracted driving