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I’ve Had a Storm, Now What?

In my last article (AFR Today Spring Issue, p.15), I talked about developing a “Family Communication Plan” and a “Storm Kit”.  The storms of May 17th that devastated parts of Elk City were reminders that preparation is so very important.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those that were impacted be this storm.

Fortunately, for the majority of Oklahomans, we will never have to work through losing everything in a storm.  At some point, we may have hail damage to our homes, autos, outbuildings or equipment.  After something like this, what should you do?

Gary Paxson, second from left, and his daughter, left, reviews his AFR Insurance homeowner’s policy with his agent, Melody Cummings, Crow Insurance Agency, and Brett McGavock, AFR Insurance property claims manager

First and foremost, make sure you and your family are safe.  Once you’ve determined everyone is safe, think about doing the following.

  • Note the date and the time the storm occurred.  This is information we keep track of and we need your help in keeping accurate records.
  • After the storm has passed and it’s safe to do so, take pictures of the hail.  Place a quarter or some other item next to some hail stones to give some perspective on how big the stones were that fell.  Take pictures of the hail in your yard to give an idea on the amount of hail that fell.
  • Inspect your property for damage.  On the inside, look for water leaks that may have resulted from the hail.  If you have leaks, it’s quite possible you have roof damage.  Contact a reputable contractor who can make temporary repairs such as tarps.  Keep track of all receipts and expenses you incur to protect your property from additional damage.  Be sure and take pictures
  • On the outside, look for broken windows, damage to siding and damage to your roof.  Look at your air conditioning unit for possible damage.  Inspect your personal property that may have been damaged.
  • Once you’ve made an initial assessment, contact your agent or contact us directly to report the claim.  We’ll assign an adjuster who will contact you to visit about the loss.
  • When a storm occurs, everyone gets a little frazzled, including adjusters.  Every claim is important.  The adjusters have to determine which insureds have sustained the most damage and prioritize their visits accordingly.  We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers!

When the adjuster arrives to inspect your property, be sure and show them the items you’ve identified as being damaged.  Our goal is to inspect all items damaged in that visit.  It’s an inconvenience to you if we miss something and have to make another appointment for a return visit.

If you’ve already selected a contractor, be sure to provide that information to the adjuster.  If the contractor has already prepared an estimate, be sure to provide that to the adjuster as well.

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