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Roof Repair Guidelines

As we have come to expect here in Oklahoma, this spring has brought several storms to our great state.  And while rain is usually welcomed, we sometimes endure property damage along with it.  When our policyholders file claims for roof damages done by wind or hail, we frequently receive a number of questions about how they can safeguard themselves when selecting someone to do the repair work. 

 Here are a few guidelines that are commonly recognized as good practices to accomplish that:

  • Look for local or established roofers that can give you verifiable references.
  • Inquire if they carry liability insurance coverage for their work.
  • Ask for a detailed estimate that clearly outlines the work to be done, estimated completion time, and payment terms.
  • Be wary of documents you are asked to sign unless you plan to use that roofer for the work, and read any documents you are asked to sign carefully.
  • Be cautious of anyone who promises to refund your deductible, or who offers to give you gifts (such as a television) in exchange for the work.
  • Do not pay the entire repair bill in advance.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful in assuring you choose a roofer that you are comfortable with.  Once you have selected a roofer, another valuable tip is to inquire with your roofer about the cost of installing Class 4 impact-resistant roofing materials.  They are manufactured to offer better resistance to hail, which may help you avoid damages that could arise from another storm.  And while this may save you another claim (and deductible) in the future, you may also be eligible to receive a discount on your insurance policy right now!    

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