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SW District Speech Contest Winners Announced

The 2015 American Farmers & Ranchers Southwest District speech contest was held Nov. 19 in Cache, Okla.

The winners include:

  • AFR Novice:  1st, Konner Shebester, Alex; 2nd, Bailey Hatfield, Weathford.
  • AFR Junior: 1st, Gunner McNeil, Elgin
  • AFR Intermediate: 1st, Braden Payne, Cheyenne; 2nd, Jordan Williams, Yukon; 3rd, Eryn Smith, Yukon.
  • AFR Senior: 1st, Paige Garza, Yukon; 2nd, Alyssa Snow, Lawton; 3rd, Maxwell Smith, Navajo.
  • Student Organization, Junior: 1st, Madison Stephens, Weatherford; 2nd, Jayden Oyler, Clinton; 3rd, Nikota Hoag, Calumet.
  • Student Organization, Intermediate:  1st, Amy White, Tipton; 2nd, Kamryn Shelby, Hobart; 3rd, Emma Tipken, Calumet.
  • Student Organization, Senior: 1st, Mikyla Crabb, Hollis; 2nd, Jatelyn Taylor, Elgin; 3rd, Rod Sovo, Elgin.
  • Natural Resources, Junior: 1st, Katie Smith, Union City; 2nd, Audrey Edwards, Calumet; 3rd, Jake Percival, Calumet.
  • Natural Resources Intermediate: 1st, Sophie Gallagher, Yukon; 2nd, Julya Carr, Calumet;  3rd,Madi Musick, Elgin.
  • Natural Resources, Senior: 1st, Ally Baker, Yukon; 2nd, Jennie West, Calumet; 3rd, Talayna Petzuld, Navajo.
  • Agribusiness Junior: 1st, Autumn Barstow, Calumet.
  • Agribusiness Intermediate: 1st, Condry Cornett, Calumet; 2nd, Tristan Nix, Calumet; 3rd, Andrea Mallux, Cheyenne.
  • Agribusiness Senior: 1st, Reagan Ellison, Calumet; 2nd, Emily Bennett, Yukon; 3rd, Tricia West, Calumet..
  • Agriscience Junior: 1st, Landri Chaplin, Weatherford; 2nd,Clay Grossnicklaus, Chickasha; 3rd, Cooper Shebester, Alex.
  • Agriscience Intermediate:  1st, Reagan Stephens, Weatherford; 2nd, Caleb Hutson, Cache; 3rd, Candace O’Dell, Calumet.
  • Agriscience Senior: 1st, Shiane Hood, Calumet; 2nd, Nicole Stevens, Yukon; 3rd, Katie Ashton, Elgin.

The AFR Speech Contest series consists of five district contests leading to the state competition. At each contest, students grades 4-12 compete in five categories—American Farmers & Ranchers, Natural Resources, Student Organizations, Agribusiness and Agriscience. First and second place winners in each category advance to the state speech contest, resulting in more than 150 finalists advancing.

This year marked the 71st year of the AFR speech contest series. The organization strives to provide Oklahoma youth opportunities to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

“The annual AFR speech contest highlights the talent of Oklahoma youth statewide. The contest is an excellent opportunity for agricultural students to showcase and hone their leadership and public speaking skills. It is an honor for students to make it to the state level and it is an honor for AFR to provide them with the opportunity.”

Terry Detrick, AFR President

The AFR speech contest series is just one of many AFR Youth Program traditions. The organization also hosts a poster contest, summer youth leadership summit, statewide scholarships, livestock handling and skills contest, livestock judging and grading and many other leadership opportunities.

AFR had its beginning in 1905 as Oklahoma Farmers Union, and is headquartered in Oklahoma City. The organization is actively supportive of Oklahoma’s agricultural industry and rural population, and provides educational, legislative and cooperative programs across the state. AFR Insurance provides automobile, home, farm and life insurance with an emphasis on quality products and exceptional customer service.  AFR Insurance is recognized as a leading domestic insurance carrier with 162 agencies serving communities throughout Oklahoma.